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Ok so I am waiting for a new TWD ep...

Today was probably the most tiring day ever... and I should be tired by now, ah, but the Walking Dead is on. It's Sunday. Oh and tomorrow? We are making shortbread! I can't wait! I love shortbread. I went out for dinner with my sister and her bf Justin. Justin and I had a couple of pieces of pizza and diet coke and Coll had chicken quesidillas (sorry if my Spanish is rough...) and a side Caesar salad. Pretty good. :-D

I wonder who Negan will murder next? Or will Carl destroy Negan? Frankly I hope Carl axes Negan bc Negan has got to be the worst char in that show. He already killed Abraham and Glenn... if Daryl is next then, that just will piss off a lot of fans including myself. I'm gunning for Carl. <3

On Tuesday Westwood Manor is hosting a little Xmas lunch. I will go but Westwood is an all men group home and I am very leery of men considering all the hell as a victim of rape/incest, I am. Or was.

And a week after Tuesday (Westwood's party) there is another Xmas party at the sz clinic team... I am going to that too. I am not the party type. Not like my degenerate foster sister Lorie. Did I ever told you that I raised my nephew Mathew literally since birth til when he was taken into the CAS (sort of like child services in the States)? Lorie (his mother) left me to raise him... which I gladly did. I loved that kid. Still do. <3 He learned to lean on me rather than his mother or grandma who was drunk as fuck most of the time. Mathew learned to trust me. <3

Ok, I will stfu now...
Sam your greatball.
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