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I love The Velvet Underground's version over the new versions. I find that Lou is better than the Cowboy Junkies. There was a CSI ep dealing with Jane Does and it had both the Velvet Underground and the Cowboy Junkies on it. One to start up the ep and one to end it. I love Mike Keppler, he was a good char until he got murdered in another ep. Is CSI still on or has it kicked the bucket?

I went to the spaghetti dinner and I had a good time with my sister. I had only one plate of food bc I didn't want to make a pig out of myself and plus I was getting full by drinking iced tea all night. I went over to Botsford to find out where Mike was and the final score dealing with the Ottawa Red Blacks over the Edmonton Eskimos. Now they have to beat the Calgary Stampeders, which they will. I have this feeling in my gut y'know? 

It is crazy windy out. It was snowing too... but it wasn't packing snow and ppl who hate the cold and the snow and ice .. well.. wet snow is just as bad. I think there is a phobia of that... yep. chionophobia -- the fear of snow. (Who knew!?) I have too many phobias to list here. I just hope my sister is ok. It's her birthday today! If she was on DW or LJ, I'd ask y'all to wish her a happy b-day. :-) But she is on WP and I have officially started to really hate Wordpress. I hated it even b4 my sister got one. It just bungles me up. I hate it. It's like the worst blog host ever. At least to me it is. I have dealt with different hosts but I have only discovered DW awhile ago. And I have been on LJ for the longest time.. I remember S1 style templates and when Russia took over LJ for awhile. That's how old I am. o_o 

But I also found that Dreamwidth has (for the free account only one) x-posting possibilities so... I set up the x-posting thingy, so my readers here (which consists of dust bunnies and ghosts.) can check my blog here and on LJ. Win win! ;-) 

I am going to relax now and wait for Coll. :-)

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