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I'm blogging in the dining room, bc I'm waiting for dinner. I have no rants for you today except for the post below this one counts. I think I will definitely do a vlog today b4 Coll gets home. She is such a darling, she is getting me chips and an Arizona iced tea when she comes back from her excursions with Justin. They are busy as a bee today and Coll is going out with her parents for a Sunday breakfast at St. John's Chrysostem tomorrow morning.

I am just going to read my flist after dinner. I want to catch up with y'all on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal. I know that I haven't been over to LJ in awhile so... I am tonight. :-) And, I am going on YT later on.. for creepypastas. I love this creepy pasta. It's in two parts.

Part One: --->
Part Two: --->

That is a very good creepypasta bc it makes you think. It's also a bit sad.

Edit: 5:16pm  Had a good dinner. Still thinking of doing a vlog tonight. I have to see if John Luke will do videos.


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