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I hope Coll returns for dinner...

 It's bbq pork chops tonight. Nice! I am still waiting on my check so that I can get a $50 card to get Pokemon Sun. Coll's getting it at Max Milk. Tomorrow is bowling. I can't wait bc I haven't bowled in a couple of weeks. After that, I'm taking Coll out to dinner on Friday, if I get my $$$.

In Pokemon news, I am thinking of starting again on Y and Alpha Sapphire. I have a feeling that Pokemon Sun will be easy for me... but I d/led the demo and I loved what I saw. It looks awesome. The first thing is I'm going to do on Sun, is catch me a Yungoos and name it Toupee and wondertrade the fucker. I hope it's not that easy. I would love to have a hard game experience like ORAS. Y'know? Y is pretty easy... I can beat that blindfolded.. what is with this Looker fella after you beat the game? Is it a side story or what?

I have a feeling that I will get my pin either tonight or tomorrow after bowling. 


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