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[sticky post] About the Girl

Same bat channel, same bat time. It's going to go from 0 to 100 mph in less than 5 secs

Oh hai thar, my visitors and online buds. My name is Samantha Josephine, but do call me Sam bc that's what ppl call me. I also get called Sambuca and Sambo.
I have palranoid schizophrenia and bipolar. I have a huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. I call him Mr. Sexy bc he is just that. :-) I also like James Dean and Matt Damon. I love the directors Tim Burton and Martin Scorcese. I love the 3 Stooges and old Hollywood films.
I am also an avid gamer – I have a vita and my PSN is sagittariusbunny, and my 2DS FC is: 2681-3728-5457.. add me and tell me what my safari is. (I hope it's fairy!)
I have a Dreamwidth and a Wordpress blog. I update these in intervals. So if you want to see what I'm doing, by all means, add me


I am actually really pumped bc this lovely and I go aways a bit. She plays the sims2 like myself. :-D Meet Tiger Anne. :-) tigerannesims2 :-D

I went to a Christmas tea (even though I'm Jewish lol) and had little aunt sandwiches and pb cookies, rice krispie treats... etc etc...

I am having fish and chips tonight.

Sam your greatball


You see? I have this annoying habit of blowing things out of proportion. The party was a success and the guys at the home are wonderful. I had a shit ton of food... mini kiche, devilled eggs, tuna pasta salad, and much more. Delish. Apparently we are having chicken alfredo for dinner. We had Dorian Baxter our local Elvis impersonator. He is the best one I have seen yet. :-) He gets called Elvis Priestley, bc he is an ordained minister for the Anglican church also. <3

Then, we have an Xmas party with sz nurses next Wednesday, and after that, I have no idea what I'm doing. I will be blogging when I can... it's just that I am a very busy bee these few days.

I had a good time.

Ok so I am waiting for a new TWD ep...

Today was probably the most tiring day ever... and I should be tired by now, ah, but the Walking Dead is on. It's Sunday. Oh and tomorrow? We are making shortbread! I can't wait! I love shortbread. I went out for dinner with my sister and her bf Justin. Justin and I had a couple of pieces of pizza and diet coke and Coll had chicken quesidillas (sorry if my Spanish is rough...) and a side Caesar salad. Pretty good. :-D

I wonder who Negan will murder next? Or will Carl destroy Negan? Frankly I hope Carl axes Negan bc Negan has got to be the worst char in that show. He already killed Abraham and Glenn... if Daryl is next then, that just will piss off a lot of fans including myself. I'm gunning for Carl. <3

On Tuesday Westwood Manor is hosting a little Xmas lunch. I will go but Westwood is an all men group home and I am very leery of men considering all the hell as a victim of rape/incest, I am. Or was.

And a week after Tuesday (Westwood's party) there is another Xmas party at the sz clinic team... I am going to that too. I am not the party type. Not like my degenerate foster sister Lorie. Did I ever told you that I raised my nephew Mathew literally since birth til when he was taken into the CAS (sort of like child services in the States)? Lorie (his mother) left me to raise him... which I gladly did. I loved that kid. Still do. <3 He learned to lean on me rather than his mother or grandma who was drunk as fuck most of the time. Mathew learned to trust me. <3

Ok, I will stfu now...
Sam your greatball.

Major pix coming your way very soon..

I took pix with my digital camera and my 2DS and my DSi. Some of the pix are normal but others defy the concept of is this girl crazy thing... I love having fun with my devices. :-)

Yeah so, there we have it. :-) Coll got me a pink DSi, so I might buy some stickers and decorate the DSi. :-) It be my girly whirly thing. I am still much a tomboy but I like the color pink too. Pink camo is great! :-)



Is it just me or does Passimian look like a demented bowling monkey?

I am really not hungry but I will try a bit of food just bc I have diabetes and have to eat. I didn't eat lunch so I must eat dinner. Coll and I made a pact to not order out again. If I or Coll is hungry we can buy some chips and maybe a drinkypoo and have that. :-)

I get my loot today. :-) I get my DSi and I am getting Pokemon Sun and maybe B&W 2 also. I am so tired.


My sister has gone to get the goods. :-)

I tried to get her to join LJ but she likes WP better. I told her that LJ doesn't fuck with you like WP does. And I can direct her to a few people to make some new lovelies.

I ate too much yesterday that I feel tired and bloated. :-/ Not hungry a bit.

My sister has gone to get me the stuff (my DSi, among other things) .. I love her so much! :-D


Guess who is getting Pokemon Sun?

That would be moi. Also, I am getting a DSi. I can put pix up on FB easier than if I had them on my SD card. So, now I've got a 2DS and a DSi. I will show y'all in a vlog mmkay?

Is this not the cutest?

So there you have it.
I've had this red design on too long and my profile sticky post needs updating. It looks terrible. So, I will do that soon.

Gaming news, I've decided to keep my 2DS and I'm getting a DSi tomorrow to put sometimes nice and sometimes unrecognizeable pix on FB for y'all. Also, I am getting Pokemon Sun AND Moon! Both!!! I will have enough money to buy Coll and I her very late birthday meal. I told her to order anything off the menu. I am getting either a panzerotti or a a tuna sub with fries and gravy. Gods! I must have been a southern belle in a past life. :-)



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