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What the hell is a cat reviewer anyways? Has Cheezburger lost it? I think so. LMAO. I'm in a good mood tonight. I am not that sleepy. I have quite a bit of energy... which is rare with CFS. Today at lunch, there were certain things for free leftover from the bazaar the church held a while ago, and Coll pointing out a box set of Anne Rice vampire novels. Fucking score man. Mega score even. :-D

In Pokemon news, I am finally getting Sun on Thursday. XD I can't wait! I hope it's not too easy. If people have played a bit of it, can you give me an idea of how easy/hard it is, plz? If it is easy, I will not use the exp share. If it's hard than using the exp share can be used to a degree. I prefer not using that at all. I am going to start over and not use the exp share. I want it HARD hard, so I'm using Chespin in Y and Mudkip on Alpha Sapphire. The reason being for Mudkip is a) I heard you liek Mudkipz? and b) by the time I get to Mauville and have that battle in the grass, Brendan's Grovyle has always beaten the shit out of me. But my team being not it was back then, when I had no clue how to build a good team and such the Grovyle got me everytime but I am going to combat him with a bird type, maybe Tailow or maybe Wingull. (maybe wingull, it is water/flying.) I am a different person since Pokemon Crystal. I am going to not use the exp share. I want my game to be hard. I love a challenge. I do.

Looking forward to Thursday,
Your redheaded girl.

I am back...

From the dinner, and I had lasagna and garlic toast, caesar salad and crusty buns.

I have a new format. When I want to rant/rave about something, I will link it from my DJ where the gloves are off. Actually, I'm not on WP anymore as it won't work at all.. so, if you are interested in giving my first Deadjournal a go, you will find normal posts there too... but mainly ranting and raving on my part.

I am just listening to music and thinking about doing another vlog very soon.



YOLO (I guess?)

I am just binge watching Rob Dyke on YT. :3 He can be very funny as hell. He is amazing with his more serious stuff too. <3

I am royally pissed off with Alex right now. He promised me that he would never pawn off my 3DS XL that I gave him, but what does he do? Pawns it off. That 3DS XL is mine and if it sells then, I am going kick his sorry arse to kingdom come.


I am seriously craving a panzerotti. A nice big fat one that Econo makes. Holy fuck. I love Italian food, I was raised Italian so pizza and pasta are my comfort foods.



Well, here I be. I had the crappiest day ever. First off, we took several buses which made me so fucking nervous... and then, after getting our treats, Coll was about to pay for it with her Wal-mart card, she either forgot or lost the cards. :-( And so that is why I can't come to the Grey Cup party. :-(

Once I got home, I just flopped on my bed and slept til 5pm. I was that bushed. :-/ TSN is badmouthing the Red Blacks! How dare they!? Idiots. All of them. I just had pulled pork sandwhich. Delish!

I have to watch the clock bc at 9, the new Walking Dead ep is on. Maybe at 8, I will change the channel. Maybe. If I start screaming (LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!) that means the Red Blacks are winning.




My parents have moved up to Gravenhurst. Coll and Justin helped them move. The reason being is my dad's dad... he just came out of a bad relationship and Mom and Dad want to be there for Jim. :-)

I have the perfect layout for my DJ. Check it out by clicking the link --> over there called Sam's Deadjournal. :-) It's of a goth Alice in Wonderland sort of thing. :-)


PS: Did I tell you that I love the boardgames Clue and Monopoly.. when I play Monopoly I tend to take hold of Boardwalk and Park Place and just murder anyone who is unlucky to land on those two properties with the hotels and shit.. and I just love Clue. :-)

I want to get some tarot cards and start doing readings and stuff like this. I used to be pretty good at reading.

Again... ciao!

A new lovely!

We is getting snow! And quite possibly freezing rain which will play havoc on both Michelle's baptism, and the Grey Cup festivities! Repeat rinse with me: NO FUCKING FREEZING RAIN GOD PLZ AND THNX. Sorry but I don't leave the house if there is a chance of freezing rain. Screw that. I have osteoporosis and I could easily break a bone. :-(

On to nicer stuff. I found my old icons I made for an icon community. I am so happy to have them back.. I thought they were lost for good! :-D

I ate wayy to much spaghetti tonight and now I have a case of the farts. -__- Can't win can ya?

Lastly but not leastly, I have a new lovely! kurikuribebi welcome my dear... no you haven't stumbled a zombie crazed woman... oh wait, sorry... you have. :-p


Just listening to music

Some 80's tunes. Like Dead or Alive, Dan Hill (I know that Dan is not 80's but I like his song Carmelia) and other stuff. I am still looking out for a Sims2 for the mac... it's bloody hard and Amazon has it for like $70! Highway robbery is what I think. I just had banana bread. :-) Yums!!

Yeah, I still can't get WP to work... so, I guess LJ is my only choice. DW is dead. So is DJ to an extent. I have a sometimes updated DJ. I should add it to my link list. It says that I have been on DJ since 2003. That is like 13 years. I wasn't aware that I have had it for so long. I love Deadjournal better than Dreamwidth. DJ you still need an invite code to join still, but once you are in, you are golden. But sadly I don't have any more invites. *le sigh* So... I will put my DJ in the link list. OMG. I smelled skunk last night and right now I smell it. One must be around here. x_x

Coll is going to get me a nice big bag of dill pickle chips at Wal-mart. I LOVE dill pickle chips and I love Wal-mart too. Even though my good friend Jon (thespian15) said they were evil. :-p

Yeah. I'm both alive and dead. If you get that after reading my post then you may have some chips. Actually no, you can't. They are my preciooooooooooouuuuuuus. Get that and you get the geek salute. XD lol

Yesterday we had another bowling fiasco with Adriano throwing the ball at the wall instead of down the lane. Annie and I just started giggling... it was so funny! That dude is the real deal. :-D

In case any of y'all want to add me on DJ visit my blog here ---> Or it will be in my link list.

Sam your freak on a leash (another reference for you -- if you got that, start a mosh pit when you go to a concert.)

Holy crap!

 I know, I know, this is a rather late post but I was trying to get WP to work but nope. Still not working. It works fine on PCs but it won't work on a Mac --- which pisses me off. But, all that matters not bc I got a really nice score at bowling this morning. 149. That is literally the highest I've ever gotten!!

I don't know about this journal any longer bc no one has added me on DW and I feel I'm talking to a brick wall when I post. I am going to let this blog float away and I will write on LJ and Tumblr.


I have a new tumblr!

 I have it in my list of links or I will after this both here and at LJ too. Follow me bitches. Or not, it's up to y'all. I post all sorts of shit on here. And if the retro flower bg isn't your thing, tell me bc it's kind of not mine either. I got this pattern on google. I might change it tomorrow after bowling. So, I will x-post to LJ via this journal and then, at my Tumblr.

I'm too pooped to poop.

I had a alphabetacy going...

And apparently I forgot to save my game the last time I played. So, basically Alys is still pregnant. So, I need to look over my sims screenshots. Sorry guys. I still have Alys's save file... and this alphabetacy is off to the races. If she has twins, good. I may wring her neck but twins are good bc there are more choices for heir/heiress and a spare. God help me if she has twins... but hey, isn't there a cheat that bumps up the possibility of twins? I think so but she is already to pop so maybe next time?

Lorraine's funeral is Friday I think. But, Coll and I don't do good at funerals. Coll didn't do very well at her uncles funeral, and I'm leery of open caskets and I cry like a baby.

But, we meet Alys Kincaid, if she has a single baby, then, I will leave her in the sim bin, and make a sim that I can have twins with. But the new sim will start this alphabetacy. We shall see.

Here she is. She is building her creative skills so that is what is with that. And as for the blue ...

LOL. I was in the mood for a blue house.

Here is another pic.

What do you think? Twins? If not, in the sim bin.




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