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I think WP has self imploded...

 It has! The menus are all fucked up, and I believe it hates Mac users bc I never had this problem with Coll's computer (a Lenovo which I must say, works like a charm for her.) so I don't know what WP is trying to prove. I have Safari which I heard is pretty good for a barebones browser. I have tried every fucking browser for the mac and they either freeze or don't want to work for me. It is bloody frustrating!! I don't know and if WP does this again? I'm blogging here and x-posting to LJ whom I also have a beef with. Sometimes the password I gave them wasn't the right one and I'm banned for a fucking hour. 


So, what is new people? Coll is spending the day with Justin.. so I might make a quick vlog with my camera app. It does videos too I think. Whether or not it does sounds idk. Dealing with a Macbook after using Win7... the difference is amazing. 

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